Heinrich Bruellau

Over the decades of his professional activity, he was repeatedly connected with Indian business, and in 2004 Mr. Bruellau went into business for himself as a consultant. Not least due to his marriage to an Indian women he turned to the country more and more intensively and at the beginning of 2007 he went to Pune on behalf of a VW subsidiary to successfully establish an engineering company there.  Since 2010 he turned to more medium-sized companies that wanted to become active in India and in 2012 received the order from Schmersal, Wuppertal, to manage the construction of a complete factory - from construction to full production.

Since 1995 I have travelled every corner of India, know countless local companies and many different industries. India is not an easy country. The "ease-of-doing-business" index is still pretty bad. But you can succeed in one of the largest and fastest-growing future markets if you do your homework with great care and knowledge of the country. I bring in my positive ones - and especially the negative ones from which you learn the most - to help companies master the Indian (business) climate.

Mr. Bruellau's main focus at Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH is in the area of consulting for medium-sized companies wishing to invest in India, both in the construction of production facilities (from construction to technology transfer) and in the creation of service centres (IT and engineering). His main industries are mechanical and plant engineering and automotive suppliers.


  1. Since 2018

    Senior Industrial Consultant at Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH

  2. 2012 - 2018

    COO of Schmersal India Pvt. Ltd., complex construction of a production facility near Pune, from laying the foundation stone to full production

  3. 2010 - 2012

    Support for medium-sized companies in India (Trouble-shooting)

  4. 2007 – 2010

    CEO of IAV India Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of IAV Ingenieursgesellschaft Automobil and traffic, within the VW Group. Foundation and development of a Engineering company in Pune with focus on localization of components

  5. 2004

    Foundation of an own consulting company, since 2010 under the name of KB TechTransfer GmbH, in Wentorf near Hamburg, Germany

  6. Before

    in each case many years leading activity in service, trade and procurement Industry and Logistics B.A. in management theory, business administration and law in evening studies at AKAD and IHK Bonn. A-levels and studies in Hamburg, apprenticeship as forwarding agent

Bild: Heinrich Bruellau

Senior Industrial Consultant

+49 234 90418360