Burkhard Wiegert

Mr. Wiegert possesses more than 14 years of professional experience on the ground in India. He was working in leading positions in the service sector for German subsidiaries there, for example Lentjes Energietechnik GmbH (administration, claim & litigation management), Steag encotec GmbH (commercial project excecution and reporting), Jungheinrich AG (interim management), Claudius Peters GmbH (incorporation and administration), Klueber India Pvt. Ltd. (claim management) Peri GmbH (incorporation and administration) and JSFC Sistema (infrastructure projects).

"I have myself experienced the complexity of the Indian administration on a daily basis. Accordingly, I know what is important in order not to get lost in the Indian administration and not to fall victim to the arbitrariness and incalculability of Indian authorities, colleagues and service providers."

As a contact person for our division WB finance & compliance® in Germany, Mr. Wiegert operates from our headquarters. Thus, we are able to answer technical queries of our customers immediately in German and without any delay as well as discuss administrative requirements of the clients’ company units in India without having to rely on feedback from India.


  1. Since 2015

    Expert "Finance & Compliance" at Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH

  2. 2013-2014

    Business Development at an Indo-German Consulting Company

  3. 2012 - 2013

    Interim Manager at Jungheinrich India Pvt.

  4. 2011 - 2012

    Project Management for FJSC Sistema (Russia) in Mumbai

  5. 2007 - 2011

    Director, OBAN (India) Pvt. Ltd., Projects for Steag, Klueber und Peri

  6. 2002 - 2007

    Director Portlet Management (India) Pvt. Ltd., Commercial Projects for several German Companies, e.g.. Steag

  7. 1998 -2002

    Commercial Project Manager at Lentjes (India), Responsible for Claim, Litigation & Arbitration Management

  8. 1996 - 1998

    Studies of Business Management at Essen University

  9. 1991 - 1995

    Training and continued employment as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant with Ferrostaal AG, Essen (FerroVAZ GmbH)

Bild: Burkhard Wiegert

Senior Consultant

+49 234 90418360