Armin Huck

Mr. Huck has been living and working in India for over 20 years. As an experienced manager with technical knowledge and production experience in India, Mr. Huck supervises projects at WB, which include:

  • Support for the set-up and control of production sites
  • Introduction of new production processes in India
  • Technical interim management, training of Indian employees and Indian managers
  • Assistance in the selection and cooperation with Indian suppliers
  • Ad-hoc consulting / management in case of technical deficits in the Indian subsidiary or with suppliers or partners etc.
  • Interim management in Indian production companies
"The major problems are the different expectations, which, for example, are based on the fact that the educational conditionings completely differ: in India, what parents, teachers, superiors, caste and spirituality prescribe, will be done. In Germany, there is a substantial difference. We expect a high degree of self-responsibility, self-reliance as well as the ability to identify and understand inter-connections."


Bild: Armin Huck

Senior Consultant in India

+49 234 90418360